Suzette Anderson, Owner/Instructor

Suzette opened Grasshopper Pilates in 2014 with the desire to bring classical Pilates to Historic Hyde Park in Boise. She first discovered Pilates while working at a health club in Colorado as a fitness instructor. As an exercise enthusiast, she quickly made it part of her regular fitness routine. However, it was after suffering a running related injury that Pilates became an integral part of her rehabilitation and new body awareness. She was amazed at how much concentration, coordination and strength it took to execute the exercises. She was also excited about how quickly her body was healing, getting stronger and more flexible.


She took that excitement and desire to share her experience with others and completed her comprehensive instructor training. Under the direction of Clare Dunphy, who studied with Romana Kryzanowska, and Colleen Glenn, who co-founded the Pilates Method Alliance, Suzette received her certification in 2011. She continues to expand her education in Pilates by regularly attending teacher training sessions and workshops as well as practicing the art. Her passion for Pilates clearly comes through in her teaching and she loves to see her clients have "aha" moments when they experience their own "Mind, Body and Spirit" connection.


Suzette may be reached by email at or

by phone at (208) 389-4777 to answer questions or schedule a private or

semi-private session.

Carrie Shanafelt, Owner/Instructor

Carrie started her Pilates training in Seattle with Dorothee Vandewalle, Lori  Coleman-Brown, and Lauren Stephen. She also had the good fortune to study with Romana Kryzanowska. In 1999, she earned her certification with the Pilates Guild, and in 2000 Carrie moved back to her hometown, Boise, Idaho and opened Boise’s first Pilates studio, Forte Pilates. In 2007 she sold the studio and moved to California where she had a thriving home studio, The Pilates House.


In 2011, Carrie moved back to Boise and continued to work from a home studio until 2015 when she became part owner of Grasshopper Pilates. She is also on staff at Idaho Regional Ballet, a pre-professional ballet company where she has the good fortune of teaching talented young dancers and staying connected with her dance roots. In 2015, Carrie completed The Work at Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles. It is a highly selective mentorship program studying with first generation teacher, Jay Grimes. In 2016, she was asked to return to Vintage Pilates as a guest instructor.

Outside of Pilates, Carrie is also passionate about animals, especially her two cats Henry and Bronwyn and her dog Zella; she loves dance, a good book, and decorating.


Carrie may be reached at or by phone at 208-389-4777 to answer questions or to book a session.

Heidi Burpee, Instructor

Heidi was trained in 2009 by master Pilates teacher Dorothee Vanderwalle, recognized as one of the leading teacher-trainers and Pilates practitioners in the world. Through Seattle’s Metropolitan Authentic Training program, Heidi has focused on the original, authentic method developed by Joseph Pilates. She has over 900 hours of teaching, training, and observing in authentic Pilates instruction. 


Prior to Pilates, Heidi received her masters in teaching from the University of Washington and has worked as a secondary science teacher in Seattle, Boston, Germany, and on the Navajo Reservation.


Physical activity has always been integral to Heidi’s lifestyle. She enjoys biking, running, hiking, dance and skiing. Her previous career in education, combined with her focus on physical activity and body awareness provided a perfect segue into a career in Pilates instruction. 


In Heidi’s private or semiprivate lessons, your workout will be structured around your physical needs in caring and yet challenging format.


To book with Heidi please call the studio, 208-389-4777 or email

Desiree Matthews, Instructor

Desiree has been a certified Romanas Pilates instructor for over 14 years, with a professional dancing background for over 17 years (Performing and Teaching). With her dance career cut short due to an injury, Desiree decided to head back home to Washington to attend college. While studying for her BA, Desiree discovered a love for Pilates and started training from Pilates Seattle International. After graduating from college, she worked for the next 8 years at PSI. 


Desiree had the opportunity to work with many master teachers such as; Lori Coleman-Brown, Dorothee Vandewalle, Larry Gibas, Jerome Weinberg MeJo Wiggin, Sari Mejia Santos , Cythina Lochard and last but not least Romana Kryzanowska. After coming to Boise on a family visit, Desiree decided to move and has been here ever since. Currently she is teaching Dance at Ballet Idaho, instructing at Grasshopper Pilates, and is a proud mother of a 3 year old son.


To book with Desiree, please call the studio 208-389-4777 or email