Private sessions are personalized 1-on-1 lessons with your instructor. You will be taught exercises on the various pieces of Pilates equipment to address your goals and needs. You will learn the order of the exercises on the Reformer and the Mat and how to safely use the equipment. Private sessions are the ideal starting point for new clients and important for advanced clients for continued progression in Pilates.


*Please note that our 24-hour cancellation policy applies to private sessions.



1 = $65

5 = $305

10 = $580


New Client Evaluation = $58

New Client Introductory Package

5 Privates for $290


Please call the studio for an appointment



Semi-private sessions are shared hours of 2-3 clients per instructor. They are a great way to gain independence and make the hour more affordable. This independence is part of your progress in Pilates. The more you know your workout and how to use the equipment, the more the instructor can help you to do your exercises better and help you progress. You must be approved by an instructor to participate in semi-private sessions.

Good goals for transitioning to semi-privates:

  • Know the names of your exercises.

  • Know the order of your exercises on the Reformer and Mat.

  • Know how to safely set up and use the equipment.


*Please note that our 24-hour cancellation policy applies to semi-private sessions.



1 = $45

5 = $205

10 = $380

Please call the studio for an appointment



The Mat is a portion of the Pilates system done on a mat. It is a series of exercises that work the body head to toe but with great emphasis on initiating movements from your center. In addition to improving your strength and flexibility, it helps you to develop better body mechanics, improve posture and subsequently reduce chronic aches and pains.


Originally developed to rehabilitate injured soldiers in the early 1900’s, embraced early on by professional dancers and now by professional athletes, Pilates is a great complement to other workouts, whether you are a high-level athlete, a weekend warrior, or simply looking to improve your overall fitness, feel better, and live a healthier life.



1 = $15

5 = $70

10 = $130


This is a fun and challenging class using the resistance of the springs to work your entire body. The Wall-Unit is essentially the Cadillac, a large Pilates apparatus. The Wall Unit was designed to save space and still be able to do all of the exercises done on the Cadillac except the hanging exercises. You will learn how to use this piece of equipment safely and how to use it to connect deeper into your body. It is a great way to explore another part of the Pilates system. Class size is limited to 5.


*Please note that our 24-hour cancellation policy applies to Wall-Unit classes.



1 = $30

5 = $140

10 = $260


This class was named for the creator of the Pilates method, Joseph Pilates. It is based on how he ran his studio. A client started with an instructor and learned their exercises well enough to be self-directed. Once the client reached this point, Joe told them they could come in and work out whenever they wanted, similar to a gym. An instructor was available to help them as well as other clients in the studio doing their workouts. You must be approved to participate in these small classes of 4. This is the ultimate goal in your ongoing progression in Pilates and doing Pilates as an entire system of exercises for your body.

*Please note that our 24-hour cancellation policy applies to Joe’s Gym Classes.


1 = $30

5 = $140

10 = $260



This is a half hour mat class to teach you the basics, which are always challenging. This is a great way to sneak in a quick workout when you don’t have a lot of time or to supplement your workout schedule. We provide the mats.



1 = $11

10 = $90


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